Santa Claus elves

Elves are the short little people who help Santa at Santa’s workshop. Did you know that there are six elves and they have names? We have listed the names of the elves and their duties they are assigned to do.

1.)          Bushy Evergreen – helps to make toys.

2.)          Alabaster Snowball – is in charge of the Naughty and Nice list. He decides who should be on the Naughty list or the Nice list.

3.)          Shinny Upatree – is the co-founder of the Lapland village and Santa’s oldest friend.

4.)          Pepper Ministix – makes sure nobody knows where Santa and his workshop is.

5.)          Wurnorse Openslae – is the designer of Santa’s sleigh and the one who takes care of the reindeers.

6.)          Sugarplum Mary aka Mary Christmas – is the head of the Sweet treats and the one who helps Mrs Claus in the kitchen.

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